How to automatically configure Outlook 2007/2010 for Exchange 2007?

During this account setup, you can either create a new Outlook profile or use your existing Outlook profile. A profile will keep your email accounts separated and you will not be able to access more than one profile at a time. You must close Outlook to access different profiles. More information on Outlook profiles can be found here:

Note: If you already have a Microsoft Exchange account setup in your current Outlook profile, you must create a new profile. Outlook only supports one Exchange account per profile.

How to create a new Outlook Profile

  1. Go to your Outlook mail settings from Start > Control Panel > Mail.
    If you cannot locate the Mail icon within your Windows Control Panel, please try the following steps.
    In the Control Panel navigation, to the left of the white window, click Classic View. If Mail still does not appear as an individual icon, please look for it under Show 32-bit Control Panel Items.
  2. Click the ‘Show Profiles’ button and press ‘Add’ for a new profile.
  3. Specify your Profile Name and click OK.
  4. Add a New Email Account.
    • Autodiscovery allows you to enter the name, email address and password for your account without the need to specify server settings. The autodiscovery service will retrieve all server settings from the Rolet Exchange system and populate the property fields automatically.
    • Make sure you enter your Exchange Account username. This is not always your default email address. This is the same username and password which you use to login to Outlook 2007 Web Access.
  5. Allow the website to configure server settings for your account. Select the checkbox, “Don’t ask me about this website again”.
  6. Enter your account credentials. This is the same username/password you use to access Outlook 2007 Web Access.
  7. Finish
  8. Start Outlook

The first time you start Outlook, your account will be synchronized and cached on your local computer. Depending on the size of your account, this may take some time.