Managing Email Stored on the Server


This article is important for People who check email with multiple devices People who think they're deleting email from the mail server, but the email isn't removed In this article, a device ... Read Article »

Login To Webmail

Issue There have been issues with Firefox browser versions where a user successfully logs into, but is immediately redirected to the login screen without an error message at the top ... Read Article »

Email Address Forwarding

Rolet Email allows you to forward an email address to: Rolet Email account Rolet Exchange account An email account on Rolet's cPanel Hosting Any other email address on the planet, e.g., ... Read Article »

How to Setup SSL with Rolet Email (POP/IMAP)

POP3 Connected via SSL

Our mail servers support SSL and TLS connections when sending and receiving email. Follow this article to setup your email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc) to use secure connections. Basic Settings to ... Read Article »

Setup an Email Account in the Client Interface

This will provide information to setup and manage Rolet Email (POP/IMAP) accounts in our standard email system. The Rolet Email system is based on “accounts”, not email addresses. This means you ... Read Article »

Setup an Email List in the Client Interface

create email list 01

With Rolet Email, you can setup an email address that forwards mail to up to 50 email addresses. An email address like can forward email to many actual recipients. You can manage ... Read Article »

Clear the Auto-Complete Email Address Cache in Outlook

Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 have an automatic completion for any email address that you try to type into the To or CC fields. This feature does not pull from the contacts or address book. You may ... Read Article »

Connect any email client to Rolet Email

You can connect any email client or portable device to Rolet Email, our standard POP/IMAP/SMTP email servers. Examples of email clients are Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, iPhone, BlackBerry, ... Read Article »

Setup iPhone with Rolet Email Account


This article will show you how to setup a standard Rolet Email Account with an IMAP connection on your iPhone. You will need the following information: account username account ... Read Article »

Email Attachment Filtering

Attachment Filtering Our email system filters the following ... Read Article »