Email Address Forwarding

Rolet Email allows you to forward an email address to:

  • Rolet Email account
  • Rolet Exchange account
  • An email account on Rolet’s cPanel Hosting
  • Any other email address on the planet, e.g.,,,, etc.

How to add an email address forward in the Rolet Client Interface

  1. To manage email accounts, log in to the Rolet Client Interface atĀ
  2. Click the Email tab
  3. Click the Email Addresses link
  4. UnderĀ Add Email Address Forward, enter the username in the Address: text box and select the domain name of the incoming email address
  5. Enter the full email address you want all email to forward to in the Forwards To: text box.
  6. Click Add Address
You will have something that looks like this:
Address: {user @} Forwards To: {}

To update the Email Address Forward, repeat step 4 and enter a different address different address in step 5.