Email Attachment Filtering

Attachment Filtering

Our email system filters the following attachments:


Incoming Email

When our email servers receive an email from an email server outside Rolet’s network, our system filters all attachments including attachments inside zip files.

If a file with one of the above extensions is attached to the email or if it is included in a zip file attached to the email, the extension will be renamed and you will receive a warning from MIMEDefang.

If you trust the source of the email, you may save the attachment to your hard drive and change the extension back to the file’s original extension. Further instructions are included in the email you receive.

MIMEDefang will not remove the attachment from the email. If your attachment has been removed from the email, please contact support.

Interoffice & Outgoing Email

Email sent within our network or from our network to an outside email server is filtered for the above extensions. However, for this type of email, our system does not inspect zip files.

If you need to send any of the above attachments simply include them in a zip file and send the zip file.