How to Setup Backup MX + Instant Email Access + Email Sync

Services Used

Add Email Account with Backup

After these steps are complete, you will have a standard Rolet Email account enabled with backup.

  1. Login to the Rolet Client Interface
  2. Click the Email tab
  3. Enter the user name
  4. The email address will auto-populate. You may change this if needed.
  5. Enter a password for this email account
  6. Click Add User With Backup

Forward Mail

  1. In, go to Email Backup
  2. Go to  Forward in the left navigation
  3. Find the first account with mail that you want to send to your server
  4. Click Fwd 100
    • Fwd 100 will forward the first 100 emails currently stored on our servers to your server and then remove them from our servers.
    • Fwd will send all emails to you and then remove them from our servers. We recommend testing with the first 100 to manage the load your email server is receiving.
    • Expunge will remove all email from our servers without sending it to you.


  1. In, go to Email Backup
  2. Go to Settingsin the left navigation.
    • Autoforward: Our system will check for any mail on our servers every 30 minutes. If there is mail and your email server is up, the system will auto-forward the email to you.
      • WARNING: If we are storing lots of mail, it will send to you all at once as soon as your server is available. For extended outages, this could drastically slow down your server. We have locked up client servers with this, so be careful with this setting.
    • Autoforward Notify: If set to On, this will send you an email notifying you that we have mail
      • If you receive this message and your email is NOT set to autoforward, you can login to the Client Interface and manually “Fwd 100” or “Fwd” your email for each user.

Add Backup to Existing Email Account

In rare cases, you may have already created Rolet Email accounts and need to enable those accounts to be used to store email backup. This may have happened if the accounts were added without backup.
  1. Gather usernames, passwords and email addresses for your Rolet Email accounts
    • Ex: {rolet-account-name}, {password},{}
  2. Click the Email Backup tab at the top of the Client Interface
  3. On this main registration screen, populate “Details” with your account information.
  4. Account Name: {rolet-account-name}
  5. Password: {password}
  6. Forward To: {}
  7. Click Add


More information on Backup MX can be found here: