How To Remember Your Password When Connecting to Exchange Using RPC/HTTP

When you select Remember my Password Outlook 2003 will store your password for the back-end Exchange server. But it does not save your password for the front-end proxy server.

Windows XP SP2: Outlook 2003

These are instructions to setup Outlook 2003 and Windows XP SP2 to remember your Exchange password for the front-end proxy server.

Step 1: Close Outlook

Step 2: Update Exchange Proxy Settings

  1. On your client, you need to go into your Mail settings, then check your Exchange Proxy Settings.
  2. Proxy Server for Exchange:
  3. Check: Connect using SSL only
  4. Check: Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL
  5. Principal name for proxy server:
  6. Check: both Fast and Slow networks
  7. NTLM Authentication

Step 3: Remember Password for Back-End Exchange Server

  1. Go To:
    • Control Panel » User Accounts » Advanced » Manage Passwords
    • OR
    • Control Panel » User Accounts » <YOUR ACCOUNT> » Manage my network passwords
  2. Click Add
    • Server:
    • Username: Your username (same username used to access Outlook Web Access »
    • Password: Your password
  3. Click OK
    • If you receive the following message, click No: “You have set the password used for a domain user. Do you also want to update the password on the domain?
  4. Make sure the following servers are listed in your Stored Passwords
    • Each of the above servers will use the same username/password. (This is the same as what’s used to access Outlook Web Access. To test, try logging into OWA at
  5. Click OK and close out of your Control Panel

Step 4: Finalize

You have now changed all necessary settings. To test, open Outlook and you should not have to enter your password.

If it asks for your password, enter it. Let Outlook syncronize all folders. Close Outlook. Reboot your computer. Open Outlook.

If the password persists, go back and check all settings and passwords via the above instructions. Make sure step 1 was done. We recommend closing outlook before making these changes.