Import Horde Address Book

If you are migrating from our previous version of Horde please follow the export instructions from the follow KB article:

Open Address Book from Navigation

Click on “Address Book” from the main navigation.


When the page has finished loading you will be presented with the basic search form and a menu on the right.  From this menu click on “Import/Export“.


The form to Import your contacts will be the first form on the page.


Select the format of the exported contacts.  If your using an export from our previous version of Horde this should be “vCard” (recommended) or “Comma Separated Values“.  The next option “Replace existing address book…” will allow you to start with a clean address book.  Do NOT check this box if you have existing contacts that you want to keep.  Next click on the button to browse for the export file containing your contacts located on your computer.  Once selected click on “Next“.  Following this your address book will be imported.