Managing Email Stored on the Server

This article is important for

  • People who check email with multiple devices
  • People who think they’re deleting email from the mail server, but the email isn’t removed

In this article, a device is any computer connecting to our mail servers. A device could be a desktop, laptop, iPhone, Android, or other mobile phone, or an iPad or other tablet. A device is also any webmail client including Rolet’s

How to Remove or Leave a Copy of the Messages on the Mail Server

Connecting via POP allows you to manage whether or not the email is left on the server and if so, when older email is removed from the server.

Connecting via POP

By default, when you check email in Outlook and other email clients, the program will download and remove the email messages from the mail server. If you need to check email on multiple devices and at least one device is setup to connect via POP, you will need to set the POP connected devices to leave a copy of messages on the server for a certain number of days.

The number of days is based on how long you need to leave email messages on your phone or other devices connected via IMAP.

Change POP Settings in Outlook 2010

The Account Settings for other email clients are very similar. Please do a quick Google search for

  1. Go to File -> Info
  2. Click Account Settings and select Account Settings in the drop down
  3. Select your POP Rolet Email account and click Change
  4. Click More Settings
  5. Click the Advanced tab

Advanced Tab of a POP connected Rolet Email Account

Recommended Settings

If you’re connecting with multiple devices, we recommend checking the following boxes:

  • Leave a copy of messages on the server
  • Remove from server after 14 days
  • Remove from server when deleted from ‘Deleted Items’

This will save all messages on Rolet’s email servers for 2 weeks, allowing you to access them via and any other IMAP or POP connected device. It will also remove them from the server if you delete them from your computer (within your email client).

When you Send/Receive, Outlook will do a check of the timestamp of the email and whether they’ve been removed from Deleted Items. It will then instruct the server to do what you’ve told it to do. Essentially, the email client will constantly download new email and remove old email from the server.

Help! Email Is Not Being Removed From The Server

If your Rolet Email account is growing and you’ve been deleting email in your email client, but email is not being removed from the server, the above settings will resolve the issue. This happens because  the check box for Leave a copy of messages on the server is checked, but the following two boxes are not. You’ll just need to tell the mail server when to delete mail. Adjust the settings based on the recommendations above.

Control Your Personal Mail Flow

Adjusting these settings along with the size limit of your account size in the Rolet Client Interface will allow you to:

  • Have complete control over your personal email flow,
  • Download messages to your computer using the POP protocol,
  • Access your new email with,
  • Access your new email with other IMAP connected devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Increase Email Account Size

Rolet Email Accounts come with a quota. This quota is adjustable in the Rolet Client Interface. If you’d like to adjust your quota or are receiving emails that you’re reaching your quota, please contact the account administrator or person at your company who manages email accounts to request additional space.