Setup an Email Account in the Client Interface

This will provide information to setup and manage Rolet Email (POP/IMAP) accounts in our standard email system.

The Rolet Email system is based on “accounts”, not email addresses. This means you will create an account/username that looks like this:


This provides the flexibility to assign any number of email addresses ( or email lists to your account.

In the Rolet Client Interface, click the Email tab. This screen will allow you to create a new account immediately and view all accounts currently setup (if any).

To Create an account,

  • Enter the Username
  • The email address is populate automatically. This can be changed if desired.
  • Enter the Password
  • Enter the Quota or leave the default setting
  • Click Add User

You will then see the new account listed below.

Click Email Addresses on the left navigation. You will see the email address pointing to the new account. You can add any number of email addresses or email lists/forwarders that point to this account. This account is your username for the Rolet Email system.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact support.