Setup an Email List in the Client Interface

With Rolet Email, you can setup an email address that forwards mail to up to 50 email addresses. An email address like can forward email to many actual recipients. You can manage email lists in the Rolet Client Interface.

Create an Email List

  1. Login to the Rolet Client Interface
  2. Click the Email tab in the top navigation
  3. Select Lists in the left navigation
  4. Enter the Name of the email address
  5. If you have multiple domains, select the domain name from the dropdown list
  6. Click Add

  7. Your list has been created. Let’s add email addresses of recipients who you want to receive emails that are sent to this new list.
  8. Enter the full email address of a recipient ( and click Add

  9. Once you have entered all of the email addresses you want, click the (blue commit check-mark) to commit all of your changes.
    • If you don’t click the commit check-mark, the changes will be saved but the recipient changes will not be committed in the email system.
  10. Congratulations. You have successfully created an email list.