How to configure a Rolet Microsoft Exchange account in Entourage 2008

This article will walk you through setting up your Rolet Exchange account using Microsoft Entourage on a Mac OS X computer.

Unlike Outlook on a PC, you may setup multiple Exchange accounts in Entourage and in the same user profile.

  1. Open Entourage
  2. In the upper-most menu, click Tools ยป Accounts. A list of your accounts will open.
  3. Create New Exchange Account (click the arrow next to “New”)
  4. entourage-exchange-setup-2

  5. Click “Configure Account Manually”
  6. entourage-exchange-setup-3

  7. Configure your account with your personal account settings.
  8. entourage-exchange-setup

    NOTE: If Entourage ever stops receiving email, but you can view your email in Outlook Web Access, it could be an issue with the cache on your Mac. We recommend emptying the cache if you experience any synchronization issues. In Entourage, go to Edit > Folder Properties > Empty Cache.